Christina Marfleet

Apprentice minimum wage -18 yo



I have an 18 year old apprentice who has been an apprentice for just over a year, they were employed on the apprentice minimum wage and is querying whether they should now be entitled to the minimum wage for an 18 year old.  so £6.40 vs £8.60 but looking at the it reads as though the employer can still pay the apprentice minimum wage test as they are under 19 regardless that they have been on programme longer than a year.

Is my interpretation correct?

Many thanks


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Joe M

Hi Christina, 

I would say your interpretation is correct with apprentice wage until they turn 19 backed up by the statement on the Gov website. 

Apprentices are entitled to the minimum wage for their age if they both:

  • are aged 19 or over
  • have completed the first year of their apprenticeship

Hope this helps