James Brooklyn

HMRC / ESFA Help Client struggling to set up their employer DAS


A new employer client of ours is struggling to set up their DAS account even though they have their accounts reference number and employer PAYE number as sent to them by HMRC. When they input these numbers they are not coming up as valid. 

The context of this issue that this is a new employer, with these apprentices being new employees. In speaking with the ESFA hotline we were told the employer has to upload the new employee / apprentices details on their HMRC portal as a dummy run. Once they have done this this would then trigger the new accounts reference number and PAYE number therefore allowing the employer to set up their employer DAS account. 

Is this correct, as this is a first for me and I must stress the advice from the ESFA and HMRC is not that clear, plus they will all insist in only speaking with the employer who is naturally looking to be handheld through this process by us the training provider. 

Any advice would be greatly welcomed. 


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