Victoria Mansfield

What IDAMS permission is needed for new funding dashboard?


Hello, does anyone know what IDAMS role permission is needed for the new funding dashboards?

I want to share access to this with our accountant but I can't figure out which role he'll need. I think it's probably one of these?! (from

If anyone happens to know that would be much appreciated! :)


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Lynne Burdon (ESFA)

Victoria Mansfield

Users currently need the 'Submit Learner Data - Standard Submissions' role in DfE Sign In to access the Understand Your Funding dashboards. This role gives access to submit and view ILR files and reports in addition to accessing the dashboards.

We are considering whether an additional role to give access only to the dashboards is required and we would welcome views on this, either by replying to this message or completing the Feedback survey in the service.

Victoria Mansfield

Thanks Lynne Burdon!

For us, a role for dashboard use only would make sense - as I say, it's for sharing it with our School Accountant who isn't involved in the ILR but who would find the finance dashboards useful. It's not a problem though I don't think. There's no problem with data sharing for us in this instance and it would be quite hard to accidentally submit an ILR return ;)

Is there an equivalent guide for DfE Sign In accounts? One that lists the various roles and their purposes and gives instructions on how to set up and manage accounts? I can't find one, but I'm probably looking in the wrong places!

Eleanor Piper

Lynne Burdon This would definitely be a good addition for us.  Currently I am having to screenshot the new dashboards as I don't want to give our finance partners permissions to touch the ILR submission area.