Alison Black

Functional skills question


We have a person who is currently resiting GCSE Maths through a TP and is due to take their exam in June. They have been offered a post on an apprenticeship to start at the end of May - can they apply for this but not do FS on the apprenticeship or do they need to wait until they have completed their GCSE exams before they can apply?


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Steve Hewitt

There's a carve out for this!

24.12.4 As an exception to paragraph 24.12 an individual may 
commence an apprenticeship and attract funding, where they 
have less than four weeks to completion of an existing DfE 
funded course

So, given the last GCSE Maths exam is 10 June this year, will be fine. Wouldn't start them on FS Maths when they begin their App, but you'll need to know their result in August! Obviously, if they don't get a 4+ they'll need to do FS L2 if it's an L3 App.


Alison Black

Brilliant. Thank you Steve