Gill Knight

Learner Support Funding beyond Actual Learning End date


I have 2 learners who have LSF £150 support and passed the learning actual end date on 15/12/2023. They still needed this support as they prepared for the EPA gateway and, as there is no functional skills component, I added a further LSF line on to the ILR on the Programme aim ZPROG001 with a start date after the learning actual end date. They have now achieved (with distinction) and I have come to put the achievement date in and the LSF is erroring as the 'To' date for the LSF is beyond the learning actual end date.   

I am sure they are eligible for the support and therefore the funding as it is for laptop and specific software and additional 1-1 support but not sure what to do to resolve this error. 


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Eleanor Piper

Hi Gill

This document confirms that LSF can be claimed for EPA.  Page 5:

"Learning support funding is to be used by apprenticeship providers to make reasonable adjustments to support an apprentice who has learning difficulties or disabilities so that- they are able to complete their apprenticeship. This could include any reasonable adjustments to complete English and maths requirements and the end-point assessment."

As the ILR doesn't allow you to claim LSF for dates after the last date in learning, I assume that costs for reasonable adjustments during the gateway/EPA period need to be claimed using an Earnings Adjustment Statement.