Joe M

ILR data Mismatch on DAS


I have an ILR data mismatch on our DAS account which has me stumped.

The mismatch is causing a Dlock_03 on our Claim, but I am not too sure how I would fix this so any information would be a huge help! 

The learner in question completed and achieved a customer service apprenticeship which shows as completed on both our ILR system and DAS back in 2022. The employer and learner then decided to progress into business admin which we created a new cohort, funding reservation for on the DAS and entry on the ILR for the new programme, but I am now getting an ILR data mismatch against the completed and achieved customer service cohort saying that the apprenticeship service and ILR submission qualifications don't match even though we have a new cohort/funding reservation for the BA3 and the old one shows as completed. This only popped up after the learner changed employer. I can't see any issues with the BA3 entry as this is showing as Live with no errors or mismatch showing up.  

A bit of a difficult one to explain but happy to give more detail if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance, Joe 


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Laura Allen

Hi Joe, is the new DAS Cohort definitely the correct standard? Returning students do appear in our DAS account as a mismatch but they don't pull out on the DLOCK report. 

Joe M

Hi Laura, I have double checked and the standard is correct on the DAS cohort but I have been doing some more digging this morning through period end and ILR reports and I think the new ILR entry is still pulling the old 'employer identifier on employment status date' from looking at the Apps Monthly Payment report which I am thinking would then be attaching it to the old cohort on DAS. Hopefully that fixes it! 

Thanks Joe  

Maria Dixon

If that doesn't fix it it could be that the new employer had yet to approve the cohort for the change of employer before the ILR was submitted.  My COE invariably end up as data mis-matches because of approval delays.