Kay Mellanby

Continuing apprenticeship on mat leave


Hi All

If an apprentice is due to start mat leave for 9 months but wishes to remain on programme, do we need her to use her kits days on a monthly basis to ensure we eligible for funding each calendar month? She has 10 kit days so wondering how we would work this as delivery is 3 days a week over every few months.

Would she just log the kit days as her OTJ and any other learning just not be logged as OTJ if her kit days are just being used for her OTJ?

Ideally we want to prevent her going on a BIL unless she has to but not sure how to navigate this?


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Steven Edmondson

In a word, yes. But for the full answer see the below starting at ref 236 Maternity, adoption and shared parental leave  Also note 

240 Reflecting the change in the off-the-job training policy, a break in learning
must be used to pause funding if there is a clear calendar month between
two KIT / SPLIT days. 



Kay Mellanby

Thank you.