Steve Haynes

Recording an amendment to the Planned OTJ hours


If we make an amendment to our delivery which amends the Planned OTJ for a specific programme, how do we record this? The funding rules say that you should not changed the Planned OTJ in the ILR unless it was wrong due to an admin error.



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Steven Edmondson

What was the reason for the amendment? As you you aware you can make a change if in error, is the difference significant?

Steve Haynes

We are looking to make some improvements to our programme to enhance the learning experience.  Rather than just role out to new apprentices, we would like to explore offering the chance to existing learners, but that would mean an amendment to their Planned OTJ.

It isn't an error, so the rules suggest you do not change what you originally recorded, but it seems prudent to document the change.

Hope that makes sense.

Ben James

Doesn't sound like it's to correct an error so you would be best just to update the paperwork with the new delivery schedule/hours and leave the ILR as it is. 

Steven Edmondson

Yeah in that case no need to update the ILR just update file/paperwork to document accordingly.

Steve Haynes

Marvellous, thanks gents.

Steve Hewitt

Particularly given this sounds like an increase, it would be fine, you'd just record the actual at the end and it will be higher than planned and all is good. If it's a refinement that *reduces* the OTJ you'd just have to be careful that the total is still hitting 6 per week!

Steve Haynes

Thanks for the clarification Steve - any changes wouldn't reduce the Planned OTJ amount - just potentially add to it as we enhance the delivery and learning experience.