Abigail Slatter

R132 error


I am prepping an R10 and have an R132 error ("Learner must be unemployed or return LDM 382 'Free Courses for Jobs (Level 3 Offer) for Low Wage Learners'') for one learner. This learner completed a L3 Diploma in Care with us beginning May 2023 and is currently completed awaiting achievement (2+8) with an actual end of 16/05/24. Our process is to await the certificate and then put this in as achieved and the "achievement date" despite not needing (as far as I am aware) for AEB. As the learner has an actual end date of 16/05, the learner has signed up to a distance learning course - co-funded - starting 20th May 24. There is therefore no overlap between the 'old' aim and 'new' aim other than the learner is pending the achievement. 

I have tried to see if by achieving the learning aim this will clear the error (this did not work so put the data back), I have tried setting the prior attainment level back - this has also not worked. We have also tried setting the prior attainment level for the new learning aim to the original level. The only thing that seems to remove the error is to put the new course on ILR on hold. 

Just wondering if anyone has had this scenario/error before and had any guidance? 


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Steve Hewitt

is R132 on the old aim or the new one? And is the new aim also an L3?

(also, don't put in AchDate for AEB, it's not necessary (and it's likely your student record system is probably stripping it out before it gets to the actual ILR anyway...))

Roz Abbott

Hi Steve, thanks for your response.  The R132 is on the old aim.  The new aim is a Level 2 qual

Steve Hewitt

And are they low wage or "no previous L3" (follow up Q: has the LDM code just disappeared from the record somehow?)?

if "no previous", then they should have a PriorAttain record with a date before the first course with a PA below Full Level 3.

Those are the only two things R132 is looking at.

Roz Abbott

The LDM code is still appearing in the ILR

they are neither low wage nor "no previous L3". 

the previous qual is a level 3 so we have put in PriorAttain of "full level 3" for the new qual

we have entered them as co-funded, as we think this applies:


Steve Hewitt


Prior Attain is a *date-bound* field, so there needs to be two records, one that says "below level 3" dated before the L3 aim starts, *then a second one* that says FL3 probably dated 19 May, so it kicks in for the L2 aim.

Roz Abbott

we use unite and there is no field to put a date in for Prior Attainment #bitconfused!

we are only able to add a Prior Attainment level to each learning aim record.  This we have done... the first aim (level 3 aim) has 09-Entry Level.  the second aim (level 2 aim) has FL3.

Steve Hewitt

Ah, sorry, not used unit-e since the date fields were introduced... But they must be there *somewhere* because it can't create a record without a date...

Roz Abbott

thanks so much for your help Steve.