Formula works to calculate the drawdown value


Good afternoon,

I have been asked the following question by my colleagues, which I don't have the answer, as I do not work in the Funding and Contract field: please if you are able to help me answer this question, that would be great. 

"Do you know how the formula works to calculate the drawdown value from the initial course value. For example if a course has a value on the Find a Learning Aim website of £100, is there a postcode uplift and then a London uplift and finally the management fee deducted?"


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Steve Hewitt

Will depend somewhat on your Prime but, usually, yes. So FALA *weighted* value times Area Cost (1.2 for Central London, 1.12 for Outer London depending on your delivery postcode) times Disadvantage Uplift (based on the learner's home postcode) times whatever random uplift GLA are giving this year (sorry, not close enough to know). Then the prime will apply their percentage to that usually.



Thank you very much for this information, Steve: much appreciated and very useful.