Eleanor Piper

Apprenticeship Accountability Framework: PPED


Good afternoon

If we have learners who go through gateway prior to 31/7/24 and have completion status =1/outcome =8 at the start of the new funding year (working on their EPA - usually a 4-6 month process for our standards), and who are past their ILR planned end date, would we expect them to show up in our PPED numbers for 2024-25?

I am hoping that the answer is no, because of the way the measure is described in the specification:

This indicator refers to apprentices who are continuing training past the date their planned learning end date or were past it when they completed their apprenticeship (it does not include the end point assessment period).

Can anyone confirm whether this is definitely how it works, as I don't believe there is anything published with a more detailed description of this measure?


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