Alex Morrison

Skilled Worker Visas


Hi there,

We have some applicants on skilled worker visas that have been in the country for longer than 3 years. However, their sponsorship is for the role stipulated on the visa and so cannot change role to become a Registered Nurse Degree Apprentice for example. Now the funding rules don't specifically say that skilled worker visas are not acceptable but as the hours, role and pay are restricted I have been saying "no" to applicants. Often the duration of the visa is less that the 3 year apprentices anyway so that's a separate issue.

Do you accept Skilled Worker Visas?

I feel like I could work at the home office!




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Steve Hewitt

Kind of think it's probably a good thing that they don't tell us precisely about every single visa? Probably? But, yeah, this is a condition of the visa so kind of doesn't need to be a condition of the funding rules? The employers shouldn't be putting them forward for it.