Naomi Bowyer

Learning Aim Class Code


Does anyone know where I can find the learning aim class code for ST1380 - Learning and Skills Assessor? I've tried googling it, I've looked on FALA, I've been on the LARS but I can't find the corresponding Z number. I don't know where else to go now and it's stopping me processing my learner onto the ILR. Thanks in advance


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Ben James


Sorry, it's found here - Apprenticeship standard class codes - GOV.UK (


Steve Hewitt

Well, here's interesting! This was the page/spreadsheet we've used for years that lists the Z codes:

[Withdrawn] Apprenticeship funding bands - GOV.UK (

But, this was withdrawn (without fanfare???) three weeks ago and the new page is here:

Apprenticeship standard class codes - GOV.UK (

Thanks for asking or I'd never had realised!!!

Naomi Bowyer

Thank you!