Jennifer Donnellan

Maternity/KIT RTL Query



I am wondering if anyone could help with this query.

We have a learner who is on maternity , technically the maternity ends 20/06/2024 but they are taking a further month annual leave and won't be back at work til late July.  The learner will have done 10 KIT days over maternity.  The question is regarding returning the learner. 

If seems to me that if we want to use the OTJ hours done during the KIT days we'd have to return the learner from maternity using the first KIT day as the return date, then put them on a break using the last KIT day with the intention of returning them when they return in late July. It seems abit 'fiddly' to me but since we want the KIT hours to count and need to cover the month long gap of no learning (20/6- to end of July) that's the only way to do it?

I'd be grateful for any thoughts.





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