Rachel Dennis

Payment Due For The Month That BiL Was Applicable From?


If an apprentice started on 01/03/2024 and then went on a Break in Learning with an actual end date of 21/03/2024 (date of last OtJ activity), will we - as the provider - receive a payment for March?

Thank You 


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Gill Knight

My understanding is that they need to be on programme for 42 days before they are eligible for funding. 

Rachel Dennis

Hi Gill

Yes that is true - but when he returns, will the 'original start date' be included in the months that are funded? Or will funding only be applied from his new start date (the date he returns)?


Gill Knight

Once he has returned and completed his 42 days then I see no reason why you wouldn't be paid for March as he was on programme and in learning.

Rachel Dennis

Thank you - that's good to know!