Paul Taylor

Skills bootcamp outcome methodology


Hi all 

In the absence of a technical specification for measuring Bootcamp outcomes, has anyone had any experience with Ofsted or commissioners on how outcomes should be measured, or indeed any useful observations of their own?

There are two ways of doing this that I can see; measuring completions / milestone 2s / milestone 3s as a proportion of all starts. A nice and simple way to do this that is similar to the QAR methodologies. There is a complication in there about how you may factor in academic years but let's park that bit for now.

The other way, is to use the mechanism that some combined authorities have built into their contractual KPIs as follows:

Completions % = completions / starts (completions being all those that successfully completed all learning)

Milestone 2 % = milestone 2 / completions

Milestone 3 = milestone 3 / completions

We should have a technical guide for this, but in its absence any thoughts are welcome.




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