Neil Allen

When to record a TNP2 price


Hi All,

I am just looking for a bit of advice really about TNP2 prices and when you add them into the ILR.  We are currently in a discussion with our auditors, they have advised us not to record a TNP2 price until the apprentice reaches gateway and you are confident that the TNP2 is the actual price we will be charged by the EPAO, this will take in to account any price rises that occur between the start and end dates of the apprentice.

Is this what everyone does?




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Steve Hewitt

No, no it isn't. In fact you *need* to add a TNP2 as soon as you add the EPAO to the record and if you don't add the EPAO until Gateway there will be a Big Red Flag on the Accountability Framework because we're meant to add the EPAO as soon as we know it.

Also, if you don't add TNP2, your money will be all over the place because you'll only be getting 80% of TNP1. And you'll also have to muck about with reconfirming the price in AS when you do...

I'd almost like you to name and shame this auditor because this is some of the worst advice I've heard in a long time...

Neil Allen

We did think that, but I just wanted to know what other thought.

Thanks for your reply!

Ruth Canham-James

We always enter the TNP2 from the start as long as we know the EPAO up front. They tend to have listed prices we agree quite early. Should that change, you just add a new TNP2 at a later date, but that doesn't happen often. As long as the Assessment Price is based on some realistic info, not just a guess (including an assumed 20% of band max), it's totally allowable. If you do end up getting a last minute discount as you enter several apprentices at once, you are supposed to add an updated TNP2, which will trigger the requirement for the employer to re-agree on the DAS.