David Holland-Bradshaw

Apprentice not continuing with level 1 functional skill in 24/25


Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help.  With regrades to the below rule change, has any guidance been released on how we would administer sthis within the ILR.  EG:  If we don't continue the learning with an apprentices who is studying level 1, would we end the aim at the end of July and if so what withdrawal code wold we use?  Any advice or a point in the right direction would be much appreciated.  I've added the exert below from the updated funding rules below.

New for Version 1 Policy update: The rule (equivalent gradings) has been updated to reflect the latest gov.uk guidance. The grading change clarifies that GCSE grade D to G / 3 to 1 are equivalent to a level 1 qualification and therefore apprentices holding these grades have met the requirement to hold a level 1 in English and maths. This change will apply to both new starts from 1 August 2024 and apprentices who are currently on-programme. Meaningful progress is now defined in the evidence box; therefore the reference to 3 months prior to gateway has been removed.  


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Steve Hewitt

You'd just use the last date you taught them, just like you do when someone starts and then finds their certificate. Flag them as withdrawals (they are excluded from QAR so it doesn't matter).

David Holland-Bradshaw

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info. I get the last day of learning as normal but how are they excluded from the QAR if we don't code it correctly?  Wouldn't they show in this years QAR as non achievers? 

Ben James

Not to pre-empt what Steve Hewitt might say.. but the QAR is only interested in programme aims, not component aims (like functional skills).

We identify apprenticeship programme aims in the ILR dataset by using Aim Type is 1 (Programme aim) and Programme Type is 2, 3, 10, 20, 21, 22, 23 or 25, as set out in the ILR standard file specification document.

We use the component aims of an apprenticeship framework programme to determine whether you have subcontracted the competency aim. We add this information to the programme aim, although we exclude the component aims of the programme from the achievement rates dataset. As in previous years, we will not report the subcontractor for apprenticeship standard programmes.  


David Holland-Bradshaw

That's a great help, thanks to both of you.