Nicole Campbell



Hello all, i have been having issues with PDSAT for the best part of a year now. I apparently i am not authorised to log in (eve though i have gone through the whole process including verification) Anyway, my boss logged in and when trying to upload the file he is getting the error message "INVALID FILE TYPE". Has anybody else experienced that and can you advise how to correct it? 


Thank you. 


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Darren Hands

Hi Nicole,

I can't help with the "invalid file type" issue here apart from to suggest the format of the file.  We use PICS and after creating an ILR file I just "unzip" that file and upload that to the PDSAT system - so just check the file extension.

In regards to your access issue, I had the same issue when I recently moved to another ITP and set the PDSAT up.  Although you say you went through the verification process and so had the verification code, did you email their helpdesk asking them to verify your account after you had entered it?  I found once I did that, within 30 minuites I had access.

Nicole Campbell

Hi Darren, thank you so much, that unzipped advise has helped and my file is now processing. 


Much appreciated.