Angela Wilson

Urgent Help for Today's Claim - EAS/Year End Funding Claim


Hi everyone, I've scoured the guidance for funding and funding claims to try to clarify whether in the year end claim we are about to submit, for the Learning Support, when we fill the forecast figure in do we put the EAS amount on there too or just the ILR recorded activity?  Does anyone know please?  Thanks in advance


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Phil Dawe

Include your EAS total as well.

Rachael McGouran (ESFA)

Hi Angela, 

We pre-populate the "delivery to date" column in the funding claim with all funding calculated from your ILR R10 return, (excluding planned delivery in June and July, for learning aims planned to end after the end of May) and all activity reported in the EAS up to your R10 return.

The "forecasted delivery" column is where you should show any additional funding which you expect to claim for the rest of the year.

I hope you find this information helpful. 

Kind regards,