James Wallis




We have had a few change of employers where they have changed employers under 30 days. We actioned this using the change employer option in the DAS in the apprentice's record. However, the new record that has been sent to the employer but it is saying that the record is "incomplete". We have queried this with the DAS and they've said that we need to add RPL, however, changing employers this way does not let you add RPL. Furthermore, the student didn't have any RPL. 

Has any one else experienced this on a change of employer?

Seems a bit backwards that we can do a COE like this, not be asked to put RPL in, that then gets sent to the employer automatically and then causes an issue because we need to put the RPL in. I assume at this point we need to request the employer to send the request back to us so we can edit it, then send it back to them to approve it?

Anyone else had anything like this?

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Alice Preece

Yes we've had this too. We've had to request the employer sent it back to us, then we have to go into the cohort (not just press approve) and add any RPL. It also let's you say there is no RPL. It takes ages to get these ones approved, so much back and forth. 

James Wallis

Thanks Alice, 

It is good to know that we don't have to put an RPL. 

We would have put the RPL in at the start when the agreement was agreed with the original employer.  However when the employer changes we'll put it as non as the original record shows the RPL and as the CoE has taken place within 30 days, we wouldn't want to record any extra RPL or duplicate what has already been put in on the original record.