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Requests for Q&A sessions with the ESFA


We have colleagues from Submit Learner Data and the ILR team lined up to do a question and answer session on Communities before R14.

Are there other teams that you'd like us to invite to do Q&A sessions on here? Please let us know who.




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Martin West


As many issues are related to Apprenticeship Service accounts it would be helpful if representation from ESFADigital were included.

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Hi Martin, 

Thank you for your reply.

That is a great suggestion. I am currently looking into this for you. 

Martin West

Hi Anami,

I did not receive your reply by email also I have updated my profile and added photo but these details are not shown, how do others see this?


Martin West

H Anami,

Pertinent to the last post, it may be better to have the default ticked for ‘Subscribe’ when posting a reply to the same as the current ‘Notify me of follow-up replies via email’ on feconnect to avoid any confusion.


Paul (ESFA)

Hi Martin

Thanks for flagging the suggestions above, We're looking to bundle up a few fixes / improvements and get them out next week hopefully. 

I expect that update will include both things you've suggested - changing the default notification and making user profiles visible.

Another thing we'll fix is the 'last updated' on the home screen. It's showing the date the post was created rather than the time/date of the latest reply.