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Provider support manual - change of employer



I've tried to locate a section on the Provider support manual that guides you through a change of employer.  My understanding of the process is that the new employers TNPs are agreed using TNP3 and TNP 4 to record the cost taking into account what the original employer had already paid.  But I would like to see it in black and white,  as it's our first one.

Could someone guide me to the correct section please.

Thank you.


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Martin West


Apprentice changes employer during the apprenticeship

If there is a change to the apprentice’s employer during their programme, then you must record a new Learner Employment Status record to reflect this.

A new Apprenticeship contract type FAM record must be added if the new employer has a different apprenticeship contract type to the previous employer, for example if the apprentice has changed from an employer who is funded through a contract for services with the employer, to an employer who is funded through a contract for services with the ESFA that does not have an account on the apprenticeship service, then a new FAM record with ACT2 must be recorded. Levy paying employer to a non-levy paying employer There should be no changes made to the learning aims.

You must record a new price record on the programme aim; this price must reflect the cost of the remaining amount of the programme to be delivered with the new employer. This residual cost must be recording using AFinCode = 3 for training and AFinCode = 4 for assessment, as applicable.

If an apprentice is made redundant, you must record this in a new Learner Employment Status record with Employment status code 11 or 12, as applicable. While the apprentice is eligible to continue their programme (see the apprenticeship funding rules), an Apprenticeship contract FAM type of ACT1 or ACT2 corresponding to the most recent employment period must remain in place without an end date in order to receive payment. If a new employer is found for the apprentice, then a new apprenticeship contract FAM type and a new negotiated price record must be recorded for the start of the period of learning with the new employer.

If an apprentice becomes unemployed and is not eligible to continue their programme, they must be withdrawn from the apprenticeship.


Christina Marfleet

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the response, are we still supposed to close down the original ILR with the first employer and create a new episode for the new employer and then use TNP 3 and TNP 4 or has that changed again.

Sorry to ask another question.

Martin West

Hi Christina,

On the current record you add a new Learner Employment Status record and follow the above guidance for ACT and TNP.


Erica Phelpstead


Do you know what happens to the 365 day Incentive payment, if a learner changes employer, so at day 365 they are with the new one?

Martin West

Hi Erica,

From the technical guidance for this:

  1. The provider will continue to receive additional payments. Any remaining additional payments not paid to the original employer you can pay to the new employer. We add the number of days in learning during the first period of learning to the days in the second period, and subsequent periods, to calculate if we will generate any remaining additional payments.


Erica Phelpstead

Thanks as always..!

Permanently deleted user

So if the apprentice has been made redundant on 1/12/20, a new employment record should be added and coded as 11 and a TNP3 and ACT record should be dated from 2/12/20.  Once the apprentice restarted with a new employer (say15/12/20) there should be another TNP3 record entered to match the date on the new employment record and ACT type.  Currently NAS doesn't accept the restart on Apprenticeship Framework, what should be entered on NAS and ILR? 

Martin Locock

Can I add a follow-up: how should this be managed on the DAS?  

Carrie Rogers

I was hoping to find something regards how to code up a learner changing employer, where the gap in employment is 21 days, and came across this post.
Can I please check something - if a learner goes Redundant and we add a Code 11 Emp Stat Line - are we also supposed to add Residual Costs?  I have a slightly sick feeling that we might have missed that bit?

Martin West