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DAS system backdate reservation


Is it possible to backdate a reservation of funds? We have an SME that did not put an apprentice through DAS and it has just been picked up now. 

If we get them to add the App with the start date of Sept will it let them, I assume not but want to double check. 


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I'm almost certain it isn't possible, it wasn't a couple of months ago when I had a client in a similar situation...

Martin West

Steve is correct you can only use a start date on/after you have reserved funding you will need to change the start date.

Simon Liversedge

Thanks guys thought as much

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@Steveh @Martin West 

We have a situation were an apprentice started with us in November but the employer has only just set up their DAS today (despite chasing)

We have been advised that we need to stop and restart the apprenticeship. My question is, this will mean that the details will need changing in the ILR etc, but does this also mean that the documents in the evidence pack (contracts, CS, AAs) will also need changing? This will create so much work as no doubt that we are going to have more and more cases where this happens.

Any advice will be appreciated!

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Hi Claire

Happy to talk you through some suggestions if you want to drop me an email