Christina Marfleet

Learner returning from a break BUT made redundant while on BIL



We have an apprentice who was put on a break in learning at the request of the employer/learner because of covid-19 which was fine the break took place, however the employer has since made the learner redundant.

Now according to the funding rules the ESFA will continue to fund a learner who has been made redundant within 12 weeks of the expected end date.  Which applies to this scenario and the learner and ourselves are happy to continue to completion.  

But my question is how do we record the TNP values on the learner being processed to return to learning, I think we create the new TNP values based on the original agreement but I've been asked to confirm that so I thought i would ask here.


Many thanks for your time.


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Martin West


The price recorded on the new programme aim should be the same as the price prior to the break in learning.


Christina Marfleet

Thank you Martin

Stewart Segal

If the price agreed with the employer was below the maximum of the band then surely the provider will have to review the actual cost of delivery and in many circumstances the cost of delivery will increase.  Presumably the provider can adjust the price to the maximum of the band?

Martin West

Hi Stewart,

I do not see the logic in that, if the provider agreed a price with the employer and they are only continuing after redundancy the learner to completion why should the training cost be any different?

I was following the ESFA guidance from the PSM.


Stewart Segal


Much of the learning during an apprenticeship is on the job and applying off the job learning to the workplace.  If the apprentice is not working the provider will have to deliver a lot more.  I know what I would advise the provider to do whatever the ESFA guidance says.  (Not that I have read the guidance or know what PSM stands for!).  These are tough times and apprentices need all the support they can get from providers.


Kate Saunders

In relation to this post we have the same with a learner, do you take the 12 weeks of redundancy from the date they were made redundant or from the date they return from the BIL due to ill health?