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Important notification: R14


The R14 submission window closes on 22 October. We have seen that a number of providers have submitted an R14 with significantly less valid learners than their most recent previous return. Removing learners in error may result in clawback of funds where a payment has already been made and this cannot be corrected after the deadline. Your Rule Violations Summary Report includes a learner count which can be used to compare your returns.


You will receive an alert in submit learner data at stage 1 (validation before submission) if your learner count has reduced by 10% or more compared to your previous submission.


If you believe the reduction is due to an error that you are unable to correct using the guidance on correcting the most common errors, please raise a query with our customer service team.


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Fewer learners or fewer valid learners? Somewhat different if they're still in the file but, for some reason, invalid versus not in the file at all (although can't think of much that just pops up at R14, recent Known Issues aside)?

Still not entirely convinced that everyone understands what R14 is for (some of the questions from the recent webinar were a bit, um, surprising in their elementary nature...)