Emma Orr

Requirements for Entering Leanring Aims on the ILR?


Hi All

Can anyone please advise what the requirements are regarding adding different learning aims to the ILR please?


For example, we used to record for our Framework Learners the ZPROG, The mandatory Competency aim, mandartory knowledge aim and then any Functional Skills. Funding used to be attracted to each aim.

Since the levy has come out we continued to do this. We have now moved on to standards and our only mandatory aim is the competency aim and any required Functional Skills.

Employers have an option to add Knowledge aims and a selection of behaviours to the Standard although these aren't mandatory (and some of the behaviours do not have learning aims so would need the generic Zcode if we were to add these). We record these on Commitment Statements should the employers wish to include these as set out in the funding rules.

Do these addtional learning aims need to be included on the ILR though?

What are the requirements for the ILR nowadays and where can I find this information please?


The financial information is all recorded in the ZPROG so I can't imagine there's any implications to not recording things on here (as long the mandatory aim and Maths and English are recorded if these are needed)?


I would be really grateful for some communal knowledge on this please becuase the more I question it, the more I'm wondering if we can in fact drop this administrative burden and concentrate on focusing this information in the commitment statement!


Thank you all in advance!


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Hi Emma

Although the component aims do nothing, there still needs to be one present (it is the appendix of the Apprenticeship record!!!). Strictly speaking the Framework component aims have done nothing for starts since May 17 either, as you rightly point out, all of the funding lives at Prog Aim level.

So, as long as you've got one component aim, that's all you need to return, *definitely* don't need a separate one for Behaviours!

Emma Orr

I thought as much Steve!

Is there a guidance document of sorts that reflects this? I can't say I've ever seen one since working in this role.

I'm also wondering what an auditor would look for specifically so we can ensure we have everything covered!