Susan Solomons

FRM_04 Error



I've got an FRM_04 error for two learners who were on a break in learning back in the summer.  The error is only on their main aim.  My understanding is that when they return, a new main aim (and subsequent component aims) is set up for them, therefore their original main aim end details are 6/3 - they haven't achieved, as they went on a break in learning.

I've just gone through and updated all the records that had the R122 error that many of you experienced and followed and updated ACT end date, but these two learners have this FRM_04 error.  I just don't understand because the pattern I've followed is identical for all learners but it only seems to affect 2.

Hopefully you can help


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Kuldip (ESFA)

Hi Sue, the FRM_04 is a new validation rule that's looking at actual end dates changing across funding years. If it's still an issue, we'd be happy to look at your data to see what's firing the rule. Please raise a query with the service desk and the funding rules monitoring team can then take a look.