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Minimum Duration


I'm looking for some clarification on the minimum duration rules for apprenticeships. 

The Operations and Departmental Manager standard now has a typical duration of 30 months.  We currently deliver this programme over a shorter time period.

As long as the practical period is over 12 months are we still OK from a funding assurance point of view?

Is there an expectation that with calculate the OTJ requirement based on the planned duration for our delivery, or the typical duration on the assessment plan?


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From a funding/assurance point of view, as long as it's over minimum duration, it's fine. I'd be slightly worried from a quality point of view, but I'm not a teacher/ofsted inspector ;) Also, in the longer term, if ***everyone*** does a 30 month standard over, say, 24 months, you can bet IFATE will be looking at the funding band next time it comes up...

The OTJ calculation is ALWAYS based on what the individual is doing (because it also depends on their normal working hours) whether that's more or less than the typical...

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Great thank you!