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Residual Price



One of our employer's parent companies has been bought out and so we now have to connect with the new employer in the DAS.  I've set the apprentices up with a residual price based on the funding we have already claimed, however on our indicative earnings report, the completion payment has also been reduced.  How can I set it up so that the completion payment remains at 20% of the original price?




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Um, why does it matter? So, say TNP 1&2 were £10k and you've had half of it and now TNP 3&4 are £5k, you're still getting all the money, it doesn't matter if the completion payment is now 20% of 3&4 rather than 20% of 1&2?

Joanne Sage

Hi Steve,

I've just realised that!  I should have seen my calculations through!!