Study Programme Condition of Funding



We have a learner on one of our Study Programme courses who should be working towards GCSE English as they have previously achieved a grade 3 but we want to deliver Functional Skills Level 2 as her initial assessments and diagnostics have come out at very low entry level and we have highlighted big gaps in knowledge and concerns with learning. We feel that putting her through the GCSE course would be setting the learner up to fail and working towards Functional Skills would be more beneficial to the learner.

Are we able to do this? I'm not entirely sure what the implications are on condition of funding. We believe we have strong justification for delivering Functional Skills.



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Steve Hewitt

So, here's the thing. You're definitely right to deliver FS to the learner, but she'll fail Condition of Funding.  HOWEVER, this is why we have a 5% tolerance built into CoF before it affects future funding.

So, provided you've got more than 20 Study Prog learners, you'll be fine!


Excellent, thank you for your help!