Simon Liversedge

Off the job hours return from break in learning


Has anyone managed to find an answer to what we do with planned/actual hours for returning learners. 

Do the planned hours have to be what is remaining or the total planned hours agreed at start? I think its the same as what is at start as that is the hours the learner is doing regardless of the break. 

When we record actual hours is this required for learners that started before 1st Aug 19, went on a break then return or will the fact they are a returning learning with restart indicator allow it through without recording actual hours at completion?




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Martin West


The following from the PSM indicates that the Planned Hours field covers the entire duration of the programme as recorded on the commitment statement and I would agree that this should not be changed when a learner returns from a BIL.

Data Management Principle 4 requires that: Basic pieces of information about a learner and their learning must remain constant once entered in the ILR except where the information has been entered in error and Planned hours is one of the fields specified.

For both apprenticeships and T Levels, planned hours are only recorded against the programme aim, are set at the beginning and cover the entire duration of the programme.

It is important to record the data in this field accurately at the being of the programme based on its supporting evidence. Data in this field should not be amended. The exception to this is if you are correcting a recording error.

To correct the error providers are permitted to change the field value to reflect the evidence they have in the evidence pack. This includes changes required after hard close. We will monitor changes to ensure compliance with this field.


Simon Liversedge

Thank you Martin

And for learners who originally started Pre Aug 19 and then return would we need to record the actual hours when they complete? The actual hours was only for learners with a start date after Aug 19. 

Martin West

Hi Simon.

The funding rules requirement for this is:

P56 Since 1 August 2019 planned off-the-job training hours must also be documented on the individualised learner record. You must not change this figure once submitted (except for a data input error at the beginning of the programme).

P57 From 1 August 2020, for the learners referenced in paragraph P56 (those where we have planned hours information on the ILR), we also require actual off-the-job training hours to be documented on the ILR at the end of the practical period.

P57.1 We do not require actual hours information on the ILR where the apprenticeship has been disrupted by:

P57.1.1 a change of provider;

P57.1.2 a change of programme; or

P57.1.3 where an apprentice has been withdrawn from the programme or put on a break in learning.

P57.2 We reserve the right to include these at a later date.

As PHours is validated for all starts on or after 1 August 2019 where this is recorded indicates that Actual Hours for Off the Job Training must be recorded at the end of the Practical Period.


Danielle Perks

Hey Simon, I asked this question to the ESFA and have received the following response, I am not sure I entirely agree with this as the actual hours then on completion would not be the actual hours for the full programme and if you are not required to put the actual hours in for a break record when a break is started then I think we are at risk of not submitted full and accurate data to the ESFA?

"Good morning Danielle.Thank you for contacting the ESFA Service Centre.Please return the planned hours for the remainder of the programme"

Simon Liversedge

Hi Danielle

I think it depends who you speak to as in most cases, I have seen a number of answers floating around saying both things!

I am going to go with full hours and not enter any actual hours for learners where original start date was before Aug 19. Will see if we get an error. 

Martin West

The guidance in the ILR Specifications supports it is the Full Hours over the duration of the practical period delivered by the Provider and not the proportion delivered on a return from a BIL.

Planned hours Definition

For apprenticeships this field collects the Planned off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that will be delivered to the individual apprentice over the full apprenticeship (excluding the end-point assessment period) by the training provider, sub-contracted training providers and the employer.

Actual Hours for Off the Job Training Definition

This field collects the total Actual off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that is delivered to the individual apprentice over the practical period of the apprenticeship (before gateway). This should be entered at the end of the apprenticeship programme.

Simon Liversedge

Perfect thanks Martin