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We have a Study Programme learner who has withdrawn after 9 weeks on programme with us. Are we required to reduce their planned hours on programme in the ILR to what they actually completed or do the hours remain the same that were originally planned for the entire year?

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Martin West

From the guidance Q and A

Q12 If a young person withdraws from just one learning aim in their study programme within the first 6 weeks of their programme during the funding year, does the institution have to change the planned hours?

A12 Yes, the institution must update the planned hours to remove all of the hours for the aim from the total. This rule applies regardless of the original length of the study programme or the funding band of the student. If excluding the hours already delivered within the first 6 weeks would make a material difference to the student’s funding band, institutions can include just the hours that they have already delivered in the planned hours.

Steve Hewitt

But, as this learner has been on programme for MORE than six weeks then, no, no you don't reduce the hours.  The funding will be affected by your retention factor in two years time, so you don't want to doubly penalise yourself!!!