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New dashboard in VYED showing post-16 monitoring reports


Post-16 monitoring colleagues have asked us to share the article from today's Update...

We have published the final reports for the 2019 to 2020 funding year in Submit learner data.
We have also released a new post-16 monitoring reports dashboard containing this information in View your education data. This is a preview of the new format we will use for 2020 to 2021 onwards for you to review and leave feedback on. This will help us develop the product further before we publish 2020 to 2021 data at R04.

We have published a user guide to support the dashboard. The user guide explains how to access and navigate the dashboard, with details of how you can export all of your data in a single file for importing into your own systems. It summarises the reports that support financial assurance: monitoring the funding rules for post-16 funding for 2020 to 2021, including the actions you need to take and what we will do to assure funding.

If you need any further support, please submit an enquiry.

If you have any general comments or feedback, we also happy to feed this back to Post-16 monitoring colleagues.


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Melanie Aspinall

Is anyone able to access this dashboard yet? I've selected the View Your Education Data - 16+ Monitoring permission (I couldn't find one called “view your education data – post-16 monitoring” in the list) but only takes me to the QAR dashboard options.


Martin West

Hi Melanie,

we publish 2020 to 2021 data at R04

Melanie Aspinall

Thanks Martin. I thought I saw on Annex A of the newly released Monitoring post-16 funding for 2020 to 2021: reports user guide November 2020 though that they were doing a test release on 10/11/20 on R14 data for us to view.

Perhaps I misinterpreted it.

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Hello Melanie,

Our post-16 monitoring colleagues have advised that the new reports dashboard has been populated with your 2019 to 2020 monitoring reports data including R14. This data will remain available once we begin publishing the 2020 to 2021 reports, allowing you to view multiple years and returns in a single place.

To access the dashboard securely, you will need an IDAMS account with the “view your education data – post-16 monitoring” user role and associated with a UKPRN. Your organisation’s super user will be able to grant you the correct user role. The Post-16 monitoring reports dashboard user guide 2020 to 2021 provides further information on how to access and navigate the new dashboard.

Melanie Aspinall

Yes, I've seen it now and it's great! Thanks Anami.