Kate Moore

English & Maths Starts - Apprenticeships


Hi, I wondered if anyone had any guidance on whether an apprentice can initially start English & Maths (appreciate this isn't OTJ) within their practical period & start their OTJ at a later date?  Obviously I understand that there would be a period of time where no OTJ is delivered but this would still be part of the calculation.  We have an employer that wants to start their apprentices this side of Christmas to complete their English & Maths with their planned Off the Job learning to start in January.  We haven't had this arise before as normally they start these concurrently.  Is E&M sufficient to evidence the start of the practical period albeit not OTJ hours?  I can't see anything in the funding rules etc that either disallow this or confirm it is acceptable.  Any advice would be much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance


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Steve Hewitt

So, here's the thing.  Although E&M don't count as OTJ hours, they do count as starting the Apprenticeship, so the total calculation would be from where they start the E&M, even if they're not actually doing any OTJ during that time. This is basically fine, as OTJ aren't looked at on a week by week basis, but they'd have to be delivered eventually.

Kate Moore

Great, thanks Steve.