Phil Dawe

RPL for Learners Repeating completed Non-Achieved FM35 Aims


I am wondering if anyone has any advice or comment on how/if they use RPL for AEB fm35 learners repeating an aim that they have previously completed but not achieved. For Example a learner retaking ESOL E3 Reading in Term 2 after failing to achieve the Qual in Term 1.

Does anyone know of any additional guidance from the ESFA on the use of RPL above that included in the ILR guidance and the AEB Funding rules?

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Martin West

That guidance does include: 71. You must not use prior learning to reduce funding for English and maths qualifications up to and including level 2.

this would include ESOL.


Phil Dawe

Thanks for this Martin very good point. I assumed that as ESOL aims are not part of the English and Maths Eligibility this would not apply.

Peter Hancock

I know this is an old thread, but I think it is still relevant.  

The original question was about a learner repeating an aim in the same academic year as the original attempt.  Whilst I can clearly see that we can claim the funding again in a later academic year, I wonder if we can claim funding twice in the same academic year if the learner fails at the first attempt.  

For example, if the learner takes functional skills English in the first term and fails, can we claim the funding again in term 2 for a 2nd course (noting the rule about not using the RPL adjustment for English and maths up to L2)?  

I can't see anything in the rules to prevent this.