Christina Marfleet

Apprenticeship Transfer to us.



We have a learner transferring to us from another provider, I understand from the PSM that 

The original provider closes the ILR records for the apprentice and records any repayment of co-investment as applicable using PMR records.

The new provider will create new learning aims for the apprentice with new start dates and planned end dates as applicable. The new provider must record the new price for the programme using AFinType = TNP and AFinCode 1 and 2 as applicable, the Apprenticeship contract type FAM must also be recorded.


But do we also enter the original start date and restart indicator in the ILR so that it shows as a continuation of an apprenticeship?


Many thanks for your help.


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Martin West


Where an Apprentice Transfers to you on the same programme you would use the restart indicator but not return the original learning start date.

From the guidance:

You only record the original learning start date if the learner is restarting the learning aim at the same provider.

The Restart indicator should only be used if the learner is returning to a learning aim they have previously started on, for example after a break in learning or if the learner has transferred from studying the same learning aim with another provider.