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Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS)



We have identified a couple of learners that were reported as continuing in the 18/19 R14 return, but were then processed as withdrawals after the hard close which would have resulted in an over-claim.

These have been flagged to us in our FRM reports. 

I have followed the guidance in the provider support manual and corrected the ILRs, however, am unsure if I now need to complete an EAS submission to pay back the over-claim?  Logic tells me we should, however, the provider support manual doesn't say to do this and the EAS guidance says that its only used to pay back over-claims in exceptional circumstances at audit.




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Jess Reading

As far as i know you just wait until someone asks you to pay the money back!

You ll probably get some sort of automated letter asking you to check the details and confirm Actual End Dates do relate to a previous year - we did this once and then never heard back...