Christina Marfleet

Study Programmes recording Work Placement aims in ILR?



My query is: does anyone have experience with study programmes? 

We provide traineeships and have a number of candidates wanting to do a traineeship but their PLR record is showing they've achieved the work placement aim as part of a study programme. 

Our understanding of the ESFA rules are that if have previously undertake work experience they can't be placed on a traineeship? Talking to the candidates though, they agree they've done a study programme but deny any work placement has taken place. 

So I suppose my question is, do study programmes do work placements? If they don't are they supposed to use work placement aim in their ILR. Many thanks


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Steve Hewitt

Hi Christina

Yes, Study Programmes often include a Work Experience element, but on most courses it would be a week or two at most.

If the learners were on the aim as a plan but didn't actually go out, the provider *should* have removed it, but it's not always the case that this is picked up (and because Work Exp is excluded from the QAR stats, marking it as "achieved" wouldn't flag up anywhere either!)

If you're satisfied the learners have little to no experience of the workplace (and I'd argue a week of Work Experience is "little" at best!) then I can't see any issue with putting them on a Traineeship.

Christina Marfleet

Many thanks SteveH, do you now how it would impact funding? We've been stung in the past (apprenticeship delivery) by the ILR checks picking up previous funding elsewhere, and I don't want to fall foul of signing up a trainesship learner and then losing funding because of the aim being in another providers ILR albeit closed down. Thank you

Steve Hewitt

Shouldn't be an issue at all, it's not the same a learner already having done (a bit of) a qual previously.