Kuldip (ESFA)

Academies general annual grant (GAG) allocations



We're getting queries from academies asking where their general annual grant (GAG) statements are. We started issuing them on 19 February, but it may be the end of March before they are all released.

They will be put on information exchange, which you can access through DfE sign-in.

The academies general annual grant allocation guide 2021 to 2022, is available here.


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Kuldip (ESFA)

Academy General Annual Grant Allocation Statements for the academic year 2021\22 are still being issued, we aim to have every academy that opened on or before January 1st issued by the end of March. Trusts please be aware that it is probable that you will not receive all your academies allocation statements at the same time. Please only contact us if your statement is not available as of March 31st.