Ceri Fishlock

FIS Issue


Is anyone else having issues with FIS?  When we try to run an ILR through to produce the mdb file for ProAchieve it says it can't process our file.


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Steve Hewitt

Hi Ceri

Yes, several reports that the latest updates to the reference data (I think it's v11?) are breaking it, need to delete, redownload and then ignore the update message...

Ceri Fishlock

Thanks Steve.  Don't know why I don't just email you in future, you are the font of all knowledge :)

Thank you!

Martin West

There is also an issue with the FIS validation as this produces more errors and invalid learners than the SLD, it’s a shame they cannot make sure that FIS and the SLD validate the same, but it may not be an issue for use with ProAchieve.