Karen Simmons

Ukraine scheme eligibility evidence


Hi, when checking if a learner is eligible for ESFA funding without the 3 year ordinary residence requirement under one of the Ukraine immigration schemes, can we accept their passport which just shows a 6 month entry stamp with 'leave to enter' or should we see a BRP or letter from Home Office showing Ukraine scheme? Thanks


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Martin West

Evidence requirement:

P332.2 Confirmation that you have seen the learner’s identity documents or immigration permission to verify their residency eligibility in line with Annex A. Confirmation that you are satisfied the learner is eligible for funding and (where necessary) where a learner’s permission to stay has expired you must hold evidence that an application to remain has been made.

P364 Any individual with any of the statuses listed below, is eligible to receive funding and is exempt from the three-year residency requirement rule. You must have seen the individual’s immigration permission (see paragraph P332.2 in these circumstances:

P364.1 refugee status;

P364.2 discretionary leave to enter or remain;

P364.3 exceptional leave to enter or remain;

P364.4 indefinite leave to enter or remain;

P364.5 humanitarian protection;

P364.6 leave outside the rules;

P364.7 Ukraine Family Scheme

P364.8 Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine)

P364.9 Ukraine Extension Scheme

P364.10 Afghan locally engaged staff under the intimidation policy;

Karen Simmons

Thanks Martin West, I think my problem is that a 6 month leave to enter stamp in a passport doesn't confirm to me that the learner is here legally under one of these schemes.

Phil Dawe

Hi Karen Simmons I am in agreement that the stamp alone alone does not confirm acceptance to one of the Ukrainian schemes and BRPs are taking a while to come through.

We have found that all our potential Ukrainian learners ( and/or their hosts) will have either an official email or letter from the home office with a case reference confirming their acceptance into the scheme and inviting them to travel to the UK.

In the absence of a BRP we accept this letter/email in conjunction with a valid passport as proof or eligibility.




Karen Simmons

Thank you Phil Dawe, that's what I thought but wanted to check with others in case I was being unfair.  I asked the ESFA to confirm but their response was 'we provide the guidance, it is up to the institution to decide what they deem is the most appropriate evidence that the learner is required to provide'.....

Kind regards, Karen 

Darren Harlow

I can't remember where this came from now - looks like an ESFA Update?