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Given Chipungu

If the learner has gone past end date which means funding has been finished, If this learner experiences some situations making them difficult to attend the course:

1. can the learner be put on Break In Learning?

2. If learner has been made redundant or have changed employer, will we need to inform ESFA via ILR and change on employer DAS?

please help.

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi Given Chipungu,

 Please contact us using the email: above or the online form

Thank you,

 Henry W

Nikki Gething

Hi, in relation to co-funding for Skills Bootcamps, other than keying the FFI as '2 - Co-Funded', is there any other data that needs to be input?
EG, if an Apprenticeship was non-levy, then the co-investment payments had to be entered - is there anything like this for Skills Bootcamps?

Given Chipungu

Hello I need some advice. If a learner has been registered on employer DAS but was not put on the ILR due to being left out by error and learner is attending the session. Can they being put on the ILR even after more than six months on being on the program?