Laura Howard

OTJ hours on ILR


Morning all - me again,

I have been asked the following:

Can anyone tell me where we add the actual OTJ hours on ILR please, is it added monthly or the full duration of programme?

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Martin West

Actual Hours for Off the Job Training: Field if recorded on the Programme aim

This field collects the total Actual off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that is delivered to the individual apprentice over the practical period of the apprenticeship (before gateway). This should be entered at the end of the apprenticeship programme.


To be recorded against the programme aim of the apprenticeship programme.

To be recorded to the nearest whole hour.

Actual off-the-job training hours for the individual apprentice at the end of the apprenticeship programme (excluding the end point assessment period) by the training provider, sub-contracted training providers and the employer. The information in the ILR may be subject to compliance checks during the academic year and must therefore be supported by the evidence requirements set out in the funding rules for off the job training.

It is important that this field should accurately reflect the total amount of off-the-job training undertaken by the apprentice. Any changes to the values entered in this field during the apprenticeship may be subject to further compliance checks.

Erica Phelpstead

Am i right in thinking this is NOT for non achievers as this field only seems to be appear when starting EPA?

Martin West

It is collected for achievers, non-achievers and withdrawals as per the following funding rule.

P49 If planned off-the-job training hours have been submitted in the ILR for the apprentice, actual off-the-job training hours must also be submitted in the ILR, at the end of the practical period or where the apprentice leaves the apprenticeship early as a non-completer; this includes current learners on programme as of 31 July 2022.