Karen Simmons

FE workforce - Highest teaching qualification


Hi, can I check others understanding of the options listed in the Data Collection support manual under 13.17.  Are these just examples of qualifications staff could hold under a particular level or are they the only qualifications allowed under that level?

We have staff who hold qualifications that we consider a teaching qualification (i.e CELTA) but this qualification is not listed under level 5 in the manual.  Should I use the 'Other' option for those teaching quals not listed or just select the level of the qual?  I've logged the question with the helpdesk but apparently they are too busy with the return to respond....

Thanks, Karen


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Karen Simmons

FYI for future reference, the ESFA have finally responded to my query and have confirmed that we should select the level of the qualification if it is for something not specifically listed under that level in the manual.