Kacie Robinson

School leavers starting Traineeships?


Hi Everyone, We have come across Paragraph 55 of the Young People's funding guidance stating:

55. Students who finish school in the early summer each year are funded and counted for government purposes as part of the year 11 group (including those enrolled after the school leaving date of the last Friday in June) in academies and secondary schools. Short programmes for year 11 students in June and July will therefore not be funded and will not be counted when calculating lagged student numbers for future funding allocations. Institutions are free to offer taster or induction programmes to students but they should not be included in ILR or school census data returns for the same funding year that students complete their year 11 (or earlier year) studies. Similarly for students starting study programmes in the summer term we will not recognise for all funding purposes students who have already completed full time 16 to 19 study programmes at other funded institutions earlier in the funding year

Does this therefore include a school leaver not being able to start a 12 month Traineeship programme starting in July? Apologies if this is a ridiculously straight forward question! The use of the phrase 'Short programmes' is causing confusion in the office. 


Many thanks for any advice


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