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Health & Safety form Guidance


Does anyone still conduct a health and safety inspection for new employers? All of our apprentices work in small to medium sized offices, so I would be interested to hear what others are doing. We collect details for the employer's liability insurance but I can't see anything else in the document in the funding rules as a requirement.

We are trying to understand what is really required and whether the form can be cut down at all.


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Martin West

It is not a funding rule requirement for Apprentices, see the following guidance from the HSE.

Training providers (England and Wales only)

Training providers include all those who arrange or fill apprentice vacancies.   This includes third party sub contractors.and also includes those who are only involved in organising the off the job training element of the apprenticeship.

The employer has the primary responsibility for the health and safety of the apprentice and should be managing any significant risks.  As the training provider, you should take reasonable steps to satisfy yourself that the employer is doing this

This does not mean trying to second guess an employer's risk assessment or risk control measures, and you are not required to carry out your own workplace assessment

You can rely on past experience, for example, if the employer is familiar to you and they have a good track record on health and safety.  You should keep checks in proportion to the environment:

For low risk environments, such as an office or shop, with everyday risks that will mostly be familiar to the apprentice, simply speaking with the employer to confirm this should be enough.  This can be part of any wider conversation on placement arrangements that may take place.

For environments with less familiar risks, like light assembly or packing facilities, talk to the employer to find out what the apprentice will be doing and confirm the employer has arrangements for managing risks, including induction, training, supervision, site familiarisation, and any protective equipment that might be needed.

For higher risk environments such as construction, agriculture or manufacturing, discuss with the employer what the apprentice will be doing, the risks involved and how these are managed, satisfying yourself that the instruction, training and supervisory arrangements have been properly thought through.

Check the apprentice knows how to raise any health and safety concerns

Matthew Rogers

Martin West We have been reviewing the H&S document we send out to employers and where you have written "This can be part of any wider conversation on placement arrangements that may take place"... would you expect this conversation to be explicitly written down anywhere? Would adding a statement that this has been discussed in the apprenticeship services contract or funding paperwork be sufficient?



Sophie Forshaw

Hi All, 

Is this the case for Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values? 

At the moemnt we collect the policies and ask them for an update on an annual basis. 

Thank you