Becks Maybury

Skills Bootcamp Milestone 3 trigger if Milestone 2 not claimed


Hey folks :) 

Wonder if anybody could shed some light on this?


  • We have a Skills Bootcamp cohort that spans the 22/23 and 23/24 academic years on Wave 3 flex.
  • The learning was completed by 30th June 23.
  • Interviews needed to be completed by 31st July 23.
  • We have until 4th Jan 24 to claim job outcomes. 
  • Learners who are still open have been migrated to the 23/24 ILR dataset.
If some of those learners achieved milestone 2 (interview) before July 31 but these have not been claimed within the 22/23 ILR returns, are we able to claim these milestones on the 23/24 ILR returns?
If we are not able to claim milestone 2 for these learners, are we still able to claim milestone 3?


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First thought, is there a reason why you can't submit the aims to identify milestones achieved in 22/23 in R14 (still a week or so left for that)? is probably the best point of reference to begin with. I imagine all 3 aims would still be submitted in your 23/24 ILR.



Hi Becks Maybury. I am curious to know if you have any more information to share on how you progressed with this please? Thank you