Annabel Redshaw

Employer co-investment



We have an apprentice that achieved his EPA in Sept 2023, on the monthly payments report it is showing that £50 is due from employer.  The full £250 co-investment has been paid so wondering why this is showing and will our payment be held back?


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Steve Hewitt

The place to check is the Employer co-investments contribution report, there are two columns that show where the completion is due and whether the completion has been paid (sorry, haven't got one to hand, so can't remember the precise column headings).

There can be problems if there have been breaks and the initial records (including the PMRs) aren't in the current ILR (because it all happened in previous years)?

Ruth Canham-James

The Apps Monthly Payment report only shows what was due, not whether it was paid or not. There will likely have been a value in every month if they were non-levy, and this is just the final one (5% of the completion payment, rather than of a monthly on programme payment). As Steve says, you can check the Co-investment report to see whether ESFA think you've recorded enough PMR. Since we ask for the 5% up front mostly, the co-investment report shows >100% co-investment collected the whole apprenticeship until they complete, as it's based on how much you should have collected as a minimum so far.