Victoria Mansfield

Monthly payment report 'Contract no' - does it show you NLPs?



Is the 'Contract no' field in the Apps Monthly Payment Report a reliable indicator of whether an employer is a levy payer or not? So ones that start LEVY-#### are levy payers and ones that start NLA-#### are not? 

I'm wondering if this is a safe way to tell the difference between employers who aren't levy payers and employers who are levy payers but happen to have had no funds left in their apprenticeship service accounts so far.

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Martin West

It is not true that the ones that start LEVY-#### are levy payers as LEVY-#### only indicates that they are paid through a DAS account and could be Levy or non- Levy payers, however, if you also filter by funding line ‘19+ Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) Levy funding’ and ‘16-18 Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) Levy funding’ this will include only Levy payers. Where there are payments indicated in the ‘co-investment payments’ columns this would indicate insufficient funds in their levy account for the month in question.


Martin Outlaw

Victoria Mansfield

I disagree, all of our LEVY-#### are Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) Levy funding, and all of our NLA-#### are Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) Non-Levy funding.

What you are looking for is this from the Apps Monthly Payments report. The first row has no levy left for this learner so all of the month's funding was co-investment. The second row has insufficient levy funds to cover this learner, so most is paid from levy, but with some of it requiring co-investment.

Contract no August (R01) levy payments August (R01) co-investment payments August (R01) co-investment due from employer
LEVY-#### 0 234.40572 12.33714
LEVY-#### 137.71268 29.15295 1.53437

Ruth Canham-James

Yes, we definitely have many apprentices listed as NLA that are definitely through a DAS account.

I will suggest a halfway answer, the NLA/LEVY indicator in that report simply tells you whether that employer has a "levy paying account", but it doesn't tell you whether they're currently paying the levy. As I understand it, if an employer has recently started paying the tax if they're grown above £3million PAYE, they don't automatically get a levy paying DAS account unless they apply for it. So they could be paying the levy, but unable to access it if they haven't taken the right steps. Conversely, if an employer has ever has a levy paying account, they can't go back to a non-levy account even if they wanted to, even if they haven't paid any of that tax in two years. Those employers don't have to do a reservation, but they'll never have any levy funds to draw from.

Knowing which they are in advance for certain isn't possible, you only find out which account they have once you get the month end reports. Some employers are adamant they're one type of account, but it turns out they're the other. Most levy account holders will be able to tell you if they have any funds, as they can check that on their account.